Appointments are currently available in Northallerton, North Yorkshire

About Me
My name is Kim and I have an MSc Human Nutrition (Merit) from the University of Chester. I am registered with the AfN as an Associate Nutritionist (ANutr). I am here to help you find realistic and simple ways to improve your health with nutrition.

[/fruitful_ibox_row I believe that everyone should have access to honest, evidence-based nutrition support no matter what your size. I therefore use a weight inclusive/ non-diet approach to your health. There will be no calorie counting, instead I will use methods to help you to learn to eat intuitively and mindfully and will use activities to help you understand your hunger and fullness signals.  I will get you to explore how different foods make you feel, whether they make you feel fuller, give you more energy or help to lift your mood along with nutritional education. This approach will help you to improve the quality and nutritional content of your diet, and adopt habits to improve your health rather then focusing on weight control. Benefits of a non-diet approach include higher self esteem, increased variety of foods eaten, lower levels of disordered and emotional eating, improved blood glucose levels, triglycerides and systolic blood pressure.

I offer individual consultations for information and advice for general health, reducing cholesterol levels, increasing energy, vegan/ vegetarian lifestyles and fitness and wellbeing. If you would like to work with me then please see my services page for further details.