Simple and Realistic Advice to Support Your Health

About Me
My name is Kim and I have an MSc Human Nutrition (Merit) from the University of Chester. I am registered with the AfN as an Associate Nutritionist (ANutr). I believe that everyone should be entitled to enough enjoyable foods to provide all the nutrients we need to support our health. I can help you find realistic and simple ways to improve your health with nutrition, alongside supporting you to have a good relationship with food so that you feel positive and comfortable about eating all foods.

As a parent to a young son, I am particularly interested in nutrition and wellbeing for children. I feel it is very important for children to have a healthy relationship with food so that they develop into competent eaters into adulthood.

As well as working with children, I support adults who have concerns about their weight and want to improve their relationship with food. I also provide dietary advice for those who need to improve blood pressure, cholesterol  and blood glucose levels. Please contact me  to discuss how I can help you. You can also get  a better idea for the help and support I provide by looking at my services page.